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Installing MDrivenServer on Windows 2012R2 with IIS 8

This article has been moved to the new Wiki site. Follow this link:

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How to use vCurrent and “self” correctly in viewmodels

A simple mistake can mess up your viewmodel rendering and make it slow and not what you expected. Let me explain! This is our example model, which lends itself to a simple master-detail view. The view we want is a … Continue reading

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UIOverride, ContentOverride–creating and injecting your own controls in MDriven Turnkey generated UI

If you are happy with most of the generated UI but you have a few requirements that needs custom code you could override the whole page – or as we will look at in this article – use a part … Continue reading

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Working with Turnkey–mixing in your own code

I wanted to automate the framework deploy to Turnkey-sites. I wanted to allow for the user to request a deploy and have that request trigger a build on the build machine. This is just my example use-case, but it is … Continue reading

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Turnkey Angular notes

This is a document created during Turnkey for Angular and Bootstrap development and describes the built in functionality and how it can be used. Please check back for updates! Angular implementation starting point Please read this for a background to … Continue reading

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Snippets–the productivity booster

We did a new productivity boosting tool to the already very productivity friendly MDriven world. Snippets In the video I show how to create a re-usable pattern of a ViewModel with Actions. You can however use snippets to re-use parts … Continue reading

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