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Animated clips to convey how and why one can use MDriven

As always we appreciate any feedback. We also would like for you to subscribe to our YouTube-channel – and comment the clips – and press thumbs up if you agree or like what we say.

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SOAP the protocol from the stone age

As I showed earlier we can real easy set up consumption of REST services provided by someone else – and we can just as easily expose REST services to others from our running MDriven system. But then someone came along … Continue reading

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How to apply a bootstrap theme to an MDriven Turnkey site

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Rendering the MDriven Turnkey application yourself

MDriven Turnkey is both the complete rule engine that executes your model AND the rendering engine to create the UI based on your declarative viewmodels from your model. To really stand out you may want to own your UI rendering. … Continue reading

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Import xml and JSon with MDriven – selfVM.XmlToObjects and selfVM.JsonToObjects

I have discussed the selfVM.JsonToObjects a bit in this article. Now another very similar function is introduced – the selfVM.XmlToObjects. Suppose you have a use case where you receive xml data – and you want to turn this data objects … Continue reading

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IIS–set up for running MDriven Turnkey and/or MDriven Server

The Video on setting up a local IIS is found here:   But prior to following this video you should have set up a local IIS. Control Panel, Add or Remove programs, Activate a Windows function: Then check the circled … Continue reading

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Setting up a local MDriven Turnkey application in your own local IIS

You will find text instructions here – and a Video to guide you here:   Notable is that in the video we explain how to get HTTPS to work on your local machine.

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REST services and MDriven Turnkey

REST services are services that are executed by connecting to an URL that defines operation and parameters then it returns an answer – not seldom as JSon objects. Calling existing REST services MDriven supports a couple of EAL operators to … Continue reading

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I accidently pushed upload model instead of download model–help

In turnkey you upload and download the model to the MDrivenServer. It is possible that you accidently push upload when you mean download – can you get the old model back? Yes. Go like this. Log in to LicenseAndTicket to … Continue reading

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OCL by example

Three videos to de-mystify OCL. A simple model and some expressions working on it for different purposes. The videos make use of the new OCL editor that has been updated to support code-completion better. It also show case the OCL-debugger … Continue reading

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