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How to apply a bootstrap theme to an MDriven Turnkey site

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Rendering the MDriven Turnkey application yourself

MDriven Turnkey is both the complete rule engine that executes your model AND the rendering engine to create the UI based on your declarative viewmodels from your model. To really stand out you may want to own your UI rendering. … Continue reading

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Rest Services In MDriven

How to expose MDriven Turnkey Rest ServicesHow to consume Rest services in MDriven Turnkey What is REST? How does it work with MDriven turnkey? calling an existing REST service exposing ourself as REST service MDriven turnkey app slot how to … Continue reading

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MDriven Designer Overview part 9

In this part of MDriven designer sessions access groups have been shown and how we can use them to authenticate and authorize users. We have demonstrated how you can continue with the fast pace loop of edit and deploy . MDriven … Continue reading

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Import xml and JSon with MDriven – selfVM.XmlToObjects and selfVM.JsonToObjects

I have discussed the selfVM.JsonToObjects a bit in this article. Now another very similar function is introduced – the selfVM.XmlToObjects. Suppose you have a use case where you receive xml data – and you want to turn this data objects … Continue reading

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Setting up a local MDriven Turnkey application in your own local IIS

You will find text instructions here – and a Video to guide you here:   Notable is that in the video we explain how to get HTTPS to work on your local machine.

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REST services and MDriven Turnkey

REST services are services that are executed by connecting to an URL that defines operation and parameters then it returns an answer – not seldom as JSon objects. Calling existing REST services MDriven supports a couple of EAL operators to … Continue reading

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Getting safe–limited–meta information from a Turnkey app

I have stated on numerous occasions that MDriven Turnkey is not only for AngularJS and MVC. MDriven Turnkey is a complete information delivery architecture that is just as suitable for building highly secured native apps for other platforms. In some … Continue reading

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Doing a board like trello in MDriven Turnkey

In order to do more advanced UI controls in MDriven Turnkey AngularJS you can study how this trello-like-board is constructed. In order to develop something like this it really helps to install MDriven Turnkey locally. This way you can change … Continue reading

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QR-Code to drive a workflow in any MDriven turnkey app

QR-Codes can hold urls and as such they are a great binder between the outside world and your information system. Imagine a standard QR-code-reading-app on anyone’s phone being the entry point deep into your information – showing the user current … Continue reading

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