MDriven Framework Change log

The log of changes for MDriven Framework

Revision 9144 - 2017-03-21

Reverted previous code - mistakenly removed menu generation for Angular

Revision 9142 - 2017-03-21

MVC and StreamingApp source cleaning

Revision 9140 - 2017-03-20

Added application path to main menu URLs

Revision 9133 - 2017-03-19

CodeDressingInfo now includes latest change time of code assemblies used

Revision 9131 - 2017-03-19

Null check if service was missing

Revision 9129 - 2017-03-19

Revision 9127 - 2017-03-18

Wrong template name given for vs2017

Revision 9117 - 2017-03-14

Revision 9114 - 2017-03-13

Revision 9113 - 2017-03-13

Took owin packages from wrong place

Revision 9112 - 2017-03-13

Revision 9111 - 2017-03-13

Json 9 in ASPIndentity

Revision 9107 - 2017-03-13

Revision 9103 - 2017-03-13

Restructuring of menu rendering
Moved MVC javascript to typescript
Included cookie library for jquery
Added wait animation for MVC
Initial handling of warning for leaving without saving

Revision 9102 - 2017-03-13

Updated comment

Revision 9099 - 2017-03-12

Removed the whole old combined bootstrap/MVC renderer.
Changes to the Html helper movin menu rendering to BootstrapMenuHandling.cs
Improved Update/Cancel button rendering
Adjusted action calls

Revision 9097 - 2017-03-10

Improved MVC/Razor robustness with null handling for elements and lists

Revision 9091 - 2017-03-10

CodeDressingEnum moved back to PrototypeEcoSpace

Revision 9090 - 2017-03-09

psQuery Linq issues - when introducing non modelled members on model class we must try and resolve value - other wise build expression

Revision 9081 - 2017-03-06

More generalized Action code generation.

Revision 9080 - 2017-03-06


tag not needed and warned by in Edge

Revision 9075 - 2017-03-05

Big rewrite of the MVC and Angular renderer to allow new architecture.

Bootstrap has been mostly seperated from databinding
Angular and MVC is seen as two databinding-methods

Revision 9069 - 2017-03-03

newrootAsObject may be both string and IEcoObject.
If the newrootAsObject happens to a guid as a string - and the IClass has a property guid - then we will try and ps reolve the guid and use it as root
MVC MDrivenControllerBase CreateFromName
- This is primarily done for REST GET and POST

Revision 9068 - 2017-03-03

Linq Issue NoIEcoObjectInExpressionPath

Revision 9065 - 2017-03-01


Revision 9064 - 2017-02-28

Remaining problem in Linq fixed

Revision 9063 - 2017-02-26

FXCore and Silverlight fixes

Revision 9053 - 2017-02-25

IsDeletable returned true for Deleted object - this was wrong
Reduction of complexity in EcoQuery for resolve of non eco object properties and fields

Revision 9047 - 2017-02-24

LinqQuery Issues when supplying non MDriven types with properties that you want resolved to constants. Case we not supported before. MDriven added whole foreign object to ocl variable and it turned out like crap. Fixed.

Revision 9046 - 2017-02-21

Problem with Combobox vCurrent of the list inside combo

Revision 9040 - 2017-02-18

WPF combobox issues made combo crazy slow if picklist was around 3000 items

Revision 9034 - 2017-02-15

RenderedBy actions is WPF grid was wrong when checking enable

Revision 9030 - 2017-02-12

UmlRtElementBase.IsSame changed from == to checking name. This after discovering that ViewModel variables kept their native typing from earlier TypeSystem - and == did not came back true for System.String created by the 2 different typesystem. Even though the general idea is that variables do not belong to a specific ecospace or typesystem.

Revision 9027 - 2017-02-12

VMClass GetvCurrent that returns the current VMClass on any level

Revision 9025 - 2017-02-10

Nullcheck in getClaims

Revision 9011 - 2017-01-31

Padding removed since that only made sense when doing numbers

Revision 9010 - 2017-01-31

WecpofMenuSortorder was wrong in doing PadRight when it should hav done padleft - made display order hard to predict

Revision 9007 - 2017-01-30

WinForms Display queue had issues and did not work correctly for the "one displayQueue per thread" scenario
DisplayQueue was extended with this method: public static long GetAddCursor()
/// You may ask this for a number - if the number has changed then things was added to the queue, handles the 2 use cases of DisplayQueue - 1 for all threads or 1 for each thread

Revision 9006 - 2017-01-29

Bug in soap header

Revision 9004 - 2017-01-28

New selfVM ocl operator SoapCall to call soapservices

Revision 9002 - 2017-01-27

New event on OclEditorSupport: public static event EventHandler BringUpOclEditorEvent;
This enables implementor to inject their own OCL-Editor. This is used by Modlr to inject new OCLEditor that recognize plugin ocl extensions etc.
If your ecomdl file is open then this new editor will kick in instead of legacy editor that does not hold plugin functionality nor advanced code completion and other deep model integration things like code comments in select tree

Revision 9000 - 2017-01-25

New signal of round dot in GridColumnHeaders will show for Editable cells. Set Brush in FilterHandler.EditableMarkerBrush and set tooltip for marker in EditableMessage

Revision 8999 - 2017-01-23

Local variables that was not classified as ConstantExpression by the compiler had issues in the EcoLinq conversion - this is now resolved

Revision 8988 - 2017-01-18

Bug in UIOverride that brought down EA-tab in modlr

Revision 8971 - 2017-01-14

Another VMCLassId.asString problem

Revision 8970 - 2017-01-14

Revision 8965 - 2017-01-14

Another VMCLassId.asstring problem

Revision 8949 - 2017-01-09

MDrivenServer Report back to LicenseAndTicket with info about transactions

Revision 8941 - 2017-01-03

Rename from SelectRow to ToggleRow

Revision 8939 - 2016-12-20

Added mouse cursor "finger" on action "rendered by"

Revision 8938 - 2016-12-20

Changed function name from HandleCallActionForThis to GetHtmlForRenderedByAction

Revision 8930 - 2016-12-19

Action RenderedBy implement for angular

Revision 8927 - 2016-12-18

ActionRenderedBy RendersAction added to ViewModelColumn
ViewModel column can now Render an Action as designed in MDriven Designer.

Currently implemented for GridCells and placed static labels (turns into hyperlink) and images

Revision 8921 - 2016-12-17

Exclude "obj" folders

Revision 8918 - 2016-12-17

New ocl operator object.canAccess(ViewModel):bool, allows you to check if you can access the vm with this root object given the vm's AccessExpression.
This enables you to disable actions that will end up showing AccessDenied.
This also enables you to stop reports from being created based on a viewmodel.

Revision 8915 - 2016-12-14

Better presentation of multiple field errors. (comma seperated)

Revision 8912 - 2016-12-13

Field validation messages on fields, rewritten using angular binding.

Revision 8910 - 2016-12-13

Still an issue with ContentOverride - fixed now

Revision 8908 - 2016-12-12

Confusion for ContentOverride handled

Revision 8906 - 2016-12-10


Revision 8903 - 2016-12-10


Revision 8902 - 2016-12-10

Revision 8901 - 2016-12-08

Fix to allow for SingleLink ViewModel nesting to be ColumnOverride

Revision 8900 - 2016-12-07

SPace as 1000 separator in bindings, read/write

Revision 8899 - 2016-12-06

If table is Editable, single-click will only select row, not navigate. Problem was that clicking on a field to edit, navigated.

Revision 8898 - 2016-12-06

Added drop-downs in editable tables
Save/Cancel is now always visible, but disabled when nothing is dirty

Revision 8896 - 2016-12-05

Improved variable naming when generating combo-box code

Revision 8885 - 2016-12-02

Debug AutoForms - bad that they load all viewmodels if this number is large. Changed to button per tab to load on request

Revision 8882 - 2016-11-30

Pressing enter in WPF seekers threw exceptions

Revision 8878 - 2016-11-29

Added new exception to separate stopped save to force MDrivenServer to restart; UpdateWithWrongModelException

Revision 8875 - 2016-11-26

Avoiding double rendering when using override in Angular

Revision 8864 - 2016-11-19

In angular global menus are now handled locally

Revision 8852 - 2016-11-15

Action subcription improved for WPF

Revision 8846 - 2016-11-13

Revision 8845 - 2016-11-13

Mono fixes

Revision 8842 - 2016-11-13

Added Encoding to ocl to allow for going between string and byte[] back and forth

Revision 8839 - 2016-11-12

selfVM.XmlToObjects(TYPE,stringwithjson) added
First converts Xml to Json with Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.SerializeXmlNode(doc)
Creates objects, tries to follow associations, sets attributes.
The attribute RawJSon: String is treated special and receives all Json as a string

Revision 8837 - 2016-11-12

Revision 8832 - 2016-11-12

Important find and fix; When the expression holds a variable of IClass or collection of IClass - we now subscribe with ResubscribeSubscriber instead of valueSubscriber. Solves missed updates of specific expressions that did not reference any associations that normally created the resubscribe need - example of problematic expression (now solved): "vCurrent_Something.QueryMethod(args)"

Revision 8831 - 2016-11-10

Fix to the issue with OclPS and reuse of variables like here self.Something->intersection(self.SomethingElse)

Revision 8818 - 2016-11-01

Revision 8817 - 2016-11-01

Raise conditions when viewmodel about to be dismantled in one thread evaluated WPF validations in another - fixed

Revision 8816 - 2016-10-31

Several changes to how versioning is handled when used with OCLConditions.
OCLCondition queries can now execute for a given system time Query.HistoryVersion - that can be set with IVersioningService
Multiple hardships where handled when start and stop time aliases reside is seperate tables

Revision 8815 - 2016-10-31

Added support for Immutable as read only input fields

Revision 8814 - 2016-10-31

Added support for ReadOnly input fields

Revision 8811 - 2016-10-31

Fixed combo boxes not showing current selected option

Revision 8808 - 2016-10-30

Rewrite of the AngularJS client

Revision 8806 - 2016-10-26

Yet another issue with versioning - now I finally understood the first problem

Revision 8805 - 2016-10-26

Problem with Win10 different resolutions gave strange effects on mouse down and drag start

Revision 8804 - 2016-10-25

Problem with Win10 different resolutions gave strange effects on mouse down and drag start

Revision 8801 - 2016-10-23

Rest services work

Revision 8797 - 2016-10-22

Some methods made protected to allow reuse from turnkey

Revision 8791 - 2016-10-19

Issues with versioning - aliases not correctly added - fixed
Versioned was not correctly set for HistorySlave reflected model (system wide version)

Revision 8790 - 2016-10-18

Single and SingleOrDefault linq operators did not behave correctly as they did not throw exception if the result was >1 (as reported and discussed here

Revision 8782 - 2016-10-12

ocl op help text

Revision 8779 - 2016-10-12

Revision 8774 - 2016-10-12

Changes to introduce

Revision 8773 - 2016-10-12

Revision 8772 - 2016-10-11

Revision 8771 - 2016-10-11

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