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    I can work around this, but I would need to use a list or array of integers in a OclPs evaluation, and I would like to supply this as an ocl variable.


    To clarify: I need to exclude some objects from the result based on a list of id numbers (not ECO_IDs). The expression will be evaluated multiple times with different lists of numers.

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    To illustrate, I’d like to do something along these lines:

    MyClass.allInstances->select(o|not thelist->exists(n|n = o.idNumber))

    Or in C# Linq terms:

    MyClassItems.Where(o => !thelist.Contains(o.idNumber))



    I do not think we can do that in OclPs – I see your point and the use case – but the best solution I can come with now is to use the SqlPassthrough operetor: Here

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    Peter Buchmann

    I wanted to wait for an answer of Hans to get it confirmed because we also have this use case. In my understanding is shows as follows: As PSQuery translates to OclPs and the functionality does not exist for OclPs, it also can’t be done in PSQuery. At least for now.

    Our work around is a method, that builds up a expression containing many ORs instead of a IN (..). We can so stay in PSQuery and don’t have to use the SqlPassthrough.

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