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    Hi ye faithful,

    Its been a while since I’ve been doing MDL but now I have some questions:

    1. I do have a AppComplete 6.0 something, but the license key won’t do with the latest download. What…$? :)

    2. Does MDriven Designer have xmi-import?

    I’ve been using other UML tools since ancient history, and I intend to continue use one of them in the future as well (due to some functionality which I need), but I also have models that I’d like to import into MD Designer (then refine and also export again). So import/export in useful generic formats would be needed. I find no import/export options in the menus though…

    // Rolf Lampa



    Hi Rolf – welcome back!

    AppComplete is now called MDriven Designer – you can stay uptodate with latest version by running from here

    You can model 50 classes in evaluation mode – but more than that will require a MDriven subscription license – 30$ per month – included is an MDriven turnkey site in the cloud (Azure).

    In the treeview to the right – right-click-menu on package – you will find Import/Export header.
    We do however not do XMI currently – and I am not sure if there is an MDriven Designer plugin available for XMI from some project that needed one? Anyone?



    OK. A subscription isn’t an option, so Designer isn’t for me. Using many tools (in different contexts), the costs would become astronomic for tool subscriptions that are not used most of the time. And without generic import/export I would essentially have to “subscribe to my own data” forever since the model would be “locked in” without a subscription.

    Is “MDriven Framework” an entirely independent product from Designer or is the Designer included?

    // Rolf

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    MDriven Framework includes the functionality of MDriven Designer in the care of Visual Studio.

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