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    due to some user error I have to get data out of older backup database (sql server) and into the latest production version of that database. I want to use xml to export to a file and then import. When I first started using ECO I remember the tutorials had me start by using an XML file as my ‘database’. So I wondered: how hard would it be to have two EcoSpaces in my project, one as an XML file, and use that as the input and output device? I use the older ECO that is part of Borland Dev. Studio 2006 but I fully intend to migrate to the latest tools when the time is right.




    Hi Damian,

    It is true that there is an XMLPersistence Mapper that use an xml file as storage instead of a database.

    If you have a EcoSpace with SQL persistence one could consider this scenario:
    1. In the ecospace – make sure you have memory enough – then pull in all instances by executing SomeClass.allinstances
    2. Serialize this ecospace to a stream (probably file based) – now all your data is in the file in the EcoSpace serialization format
    3. change the EcoSpace persistence mapper to XMLPersistence
    4. Deserilize the file back into memory into the ecospace with xmlPersistence
    5. Change something in the data to trigger the need for a save – then save – all your data from memory will be written to the XmlPersistence

    Mind you that we have no possibility to support the Borland version – either legal or practical. The products MDriven and “ECO for Borland Dev studio” are similar products and the designed meta data (the model) is possible to move from BDS to MDr – but they are two different products and MDriven is the product completely owned by CapableObjects.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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